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John Harris

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"In my forty years as a Realtor, I've worked in all areas of the suburbs and in Chicago, and I've had the pleasure to serve three generations of one family. Building long term relationships of trust is one of the most rewarding aspects of my business."

A host of letters of recommendation attest to the excellent service and professionalism John brings to each new assignment.  From the initial meeting to moving day, John is there with information, guidance and support. With a low key demeanor but a steely determination to accomplish the goals set by his clients, he is consistently characterized by the phrase "he goes beyond..."  He is well known for performing with patience, persistence, cooperation and competence. A Realtor for 40 years, John is most familiar with two markets: The North Shore and North Side of Chicago where he has represented clients in the buying and selling of homes, condominiums and three-flats. Although he is always well prepared, he prides himself on his ability to think on his feet and solve problems creatively.

While conservative in not wanting his clients to take unnecessary risks, John is open to new ideas. He is a member of Community Council for International Students at Northwestern, the American Brain Tumor Association, and the Central American Task Force at Northminster Presbyterian Church. He enjoys exploring Chicago's many ethnic eateries.


John Harris represented me as a Buyer's Broker in the purchase of my first condominium in 2013, and I am an extremely happy client. Mr. Harris offered solid, objective advice on the finer points of buying a condominium, and saved me from stepping into many situations that would have been very bad for me. He is experienced, professional, and very knowledgeable. I recommend him highly, especially to new buyers.
- Laura L.

"Real estate agent", a term coined in 1916 by C. Chadbourn of Minneapolis MN, whereas the title "Realtor" was patented in 1948 by the National Association of Real Estate Boards. John Eliot Harris is a Realtor Emeritus: a professional title indicating that Mr. Harris is recognized as a long-time, respected agent well versed in the transactional activities between two or more parties in negotiating agreements between buyers and sellers of real estate. Furthermore, I am familiar with his educational and professional quest to become the learned and highly trusted professional realtor that he represents today. As a long-time friend, I have known John during his formative years and can sincerely attest to John as a person of worth and dignity. He holds high ethics and ideals both in his personal and professional life. John's clients, as well as his friends and associates, automatically have the assurance that he holds himself to the highest standards of perfection or excellence. He values himself, just as he values others.
- Sandy L.

Stu and I have known John for more than 40 years, both as a friend and a Real Estate agent. We have had three successful transactions with over the past several years. John ha's always stood by us and our family even in the most stressful of times.
- Carol and Stu W.